"Be Where Your Feet Are" Color Block Tote
"Be Where Your Feet Are" Color Block Tote

"Be Where Your Feet Are" Color Block Tote

Made in Kenya

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If you’ve been here very long you may know that the phrase on this bag is one that I have made a mantra for my life. Mainly because it’s the advice I need to GIVE myself most often. As an Ennegram 7, I often struggle to be in the moment and fully where I am.  My mind is always thinking to the next thing, the next big idea, the next adventure. While sometimes good, this also does not always serve me well because I have often missed the moment right in front of me for looking ahead.  When deciding what the first Tenfold tote by Imani Collective would say, it was clear it had to be "BE WHERE YOUR FEET ARE."

In light of what is happening in our world right now, we all need this reminder. We are not being called to war or asked to flee our homes, we are being asked to stay home and be where our feet are. The other side to this is that Imani Collective could use the work right now. They are being impacted by shows cancelling and the market slowing.

s p e c s 

+ natural and black canvas 

+ 25in x 14in

+ 9in leather handle