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Salted Cashew 85% Dark Chocolate

Salted Cashew 85% Dark Chocolate

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Sometimes more is better. This organic and fair trade chocolate bar is packed full of delicious ingredients, so much, in fact, that there wasn’t that much room for sugar. The decadent combination of dark chocolate, cashews and a pinch of salt has just 4g of sugar per serving.

This is our first nationally-launched product with cashews! We picked cashews as one of the organic ingredients because their buttery, subtle sweetness lightens up our extra dark chocolate, which has deep cocoa, subtle brown spice and dried fruit flavor notes. A sprinkling of sea salt from the Australian coast is the finishing touch on this sophisticated bar.

•Organic   •Fair for Life   •Non-GMO

•Soy Free   •Kosher   •Vegan   •Gluten Free