Thin Hoop Collection
Thin Hoop Collection

Thin Hoop Collection

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Measures  55mm

925 silver posts

What We Do

Committed to sustainable fashion, Fenna & Fei creates biodegradable and non-petroleum based jewelry and accessories. All of our pieces are made from ethically sourced cellulose acetate from both Italy and Japan. Everything is designed and finished by the founder, in Boise, Idaho.

The Process

Cellulose acetate is made by combining acetic acid and cotton pulp. Acetate is first made into tiny white pellets which are melted down to form a paste. This paste is dyed using many different kinds of powders including shell for a pearl effect. Once the final color is decided, we set the sheets for laser cutting. Once cut, our pieces undergo a 3 day polishing regimen where they are rolled in wooden barrels and then hand polished to perfection.

The Name

The name Fenna & Fei is inspired by the founders two daughters.