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Our Story

Tenfold Collective was established in January of 2018, when owner and maker, Misty Burton, learned too much about human trafficking.  Setting out on a mission to use earrings to start conversations and raise awareness around trafficking, Tenfold grew quickly and within a year had shipped earrings and awareness cards to nearly all 50 states. 

The fight against human trafficking is multi-faceted and must be approached from all angles. Human trafficking is happening to every gender, every race, and every socio-economic class.  Traffickers prey on those with any type of vulnerability- runaway and homeless youth, LGBTQ+ youth, children in the foster care system, women in vulnerable situations or victims of prior abuse. 

At times this issue begins to feel impossible.  

  We are the ones they are waiting for.  We must to be the ones to show up.   

People ask me often, "What can I do to fight human trafficking?"  

  • You can learn the signs and commit the number to the National Hotline to memory
  • You can find who is serving the vulnerable women and youth where you live and show up.  Whatever that looks like for you.  Maybe you become a mentor.  Maybe you support them financially.  Maybe you become an ally for a foster family.    
  • You can shop with companies like Tenfold who work hard to partner with companies who pay a fair living wage and provide dignified work.    

This matters. 

Why?  Because if we keep women and youth from becoming victims in the first place then we are helping to break the cycle.  The impossible begins to seem possible.    

What began as a handcrafted leather earring company almost 2 years ago, has evolved into so much more.   We hope you will join us as we continue to champion our 40+ brand partners, from all around the world, most of whom employ women artisans.  Our promise is to help you stay on trend and shop with purpose.


Our Name

Why the name Tenfold? The word “tenfold” simply means 10 times as much. Creating a socially conscious business requires that we believe wholeheartedly that what is given away freely and without expectation would return tenfold. Tenfold is committed to giving back a portion of its profits to fight human trafficking and support organizations that support vulnerable women and youth.   When you shop with Tenfold you use your purchasing power to influence change both with our artisan partners and every financial contribution Tenfold is able to make.